About Us

About Us

GI CELL Innovative biotechnology company developing cell
therapies with cutting-edge technology
Our mission is to develop immune cell-based therapeutics to treat complex
diseases that humankind has not overcome. We aim for safe, effective, and
superior immune cell therapies that are both innovative and scientifically
sound. Our goal is to face challenges with innovative minds to overcome the
limitations of existing therapeutics, and ultimately, to improve health and
lives of all people.


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    Passion 아이콘
    We dedicate our energy into realization of our values.
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    Freedom 아이콘
    We freely imagine and design new ideals.
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    Humility 아이콘
    With humility and openness, we analyze our data and respect our community.
  • Targeted
    Development of effective Treg cell therapy using Drone Treg® platform to induce more
    targeted action of regulatory T cells by trafficking cells to a specific disease area
  • Targeted
    Development of safe NK cell therapy using T.O.P NK® platform to generate potent cells without
    the co-cultivation process with cancer cell-derived feeder cells or genetic manipulation
  • Targeted
    Development of innovative NK cell therapy using Nano NK® platform to engineer
    the cells for directed delivery chemotherapeutics to tumor cells
  • Targeted
    Development of superior CAR-NK using T.O.P. NK® platform to express CAR(Chimeric Antigen Receptor) with high efficeincy of killing tumor cells
  • Targeted
    Optimized cultivation of immune cell using NKpure Expander® platform to robustly generate
    competent cells through cytokine stimulation and bi-specific fusion proteins

Triple Immunotherapy Combination

GI Cell transforms cutting-edge science and technology into
a lifesaving immune cell-based triple immunotherapy
combination, Theraphim®, to win the fight against
incurable diseases.
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