Looking for our next GIant,
the future of GI CELL!
The ‘GIant’ designate our members of GI CELL who are always willing to
lead the frontlines of global drug development through four approaches.
  • 이미지

    Innovative Glant

    GIant is always willing
    to take the unbeaten
    road. We pursue innovation
    with passion.

  • 이미지

    Global Glant

    GIant thinks with a global
    perspective to develop
    pioneering drugs.
    We are driven by our ambition
    to amaze the world.

  • 이미지

    Independent Glant

    GIant is independent
    in thought and action.
    We are unafraid to tackle
    challenges with creativity
    and a sense of ownership.

  • 이미지

    Respectful GIant

    GIant is trustworthy
    and respectful.
    We believe that best decisions
    arise out of constant communication
    between team members.


  • 아이콘
    30 days of vacation
    All GIant receive 30 paid
    vacation days per year.
    (Up to 40 days)
  • 아이콘
    Casual Dress Code
    GIant can dress in
    casual everyday.
  • 아이콘
    Eco-friendly Workplace
    Workplace for GIant is surrounded
    by green plants.
  • 아이콘
    Nutritious Breakfast
    We provide nutritious breakfast
    including sandwiches, fresh fruit
    and salad everyday.
  • 아이콘
    In-house Café
    GIant can enjoy their free time
    with delicious snacks
    and beverages.
  • 아이콘
    Resort Membership
    GIant can take advantage of an
    elegant resort at reasonable price.
  • 아이콘
    Stock Option
    GIant can get an opportunity
    to have stock options.
  • 아이콘
    Congratulations & Condolences
    GIant get gifts and financial support
    for significant family events including
    weddings, childbirths and so on.
  • 아이콘
    Financial Support
    We have a financial support
    for fitness and house loan program
    with low interest rate.
  • 아이콘
    Club Activity Support
    We provide partial financial
    support for club activities
    among GIant.