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GICELL, selected as a company to present ‘Biotech Showcase 2022’
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GICELL, selected as a company to present ‘Biotech Showcase 2022’

- Given the opportunity to introduce a core technology and major pipelines to participating global pharmaceutical companies

- Actively seeking investment attraction and strategic partnerships ahead of clinical entry


GICELL was selected as a presentation company at the Biotech Showcase 2022, x-x-where executives and potential partners of global pharmaceutical companies and investment companies worldwide come together. Dr. Hee Hyung Lee, Vice President and Chief Business Officer of GICELL, will present an overview of the company and pipelines as well as provide more detail on the technology.


Biotech Showcase 2022 will be held through online meeting x-x-from January 10 to 12 and 17 to 19. This event, hosted by Demy-Colton and EBG Group since 2008, brings an exchanging and communication platform and investment opportunities for innovative pharmaceuticals and investors. It is held annually on a similar schedule with JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, the largest healthcare investment conference worldwide.


GICELL will ‘showcase’ its differentiated core culturing technology using ancillary proteins and the pipelines including allogeneic NK cell therapy (T.O.P. NK). In addition, it plans to hold one-on-one partnering meetings with multinational companies and investors to discuss investment attraction and strategic partnerships.


Dr. Chun Pyo Hong, CEO of GICELL, remarked, "Biotech Showcase 2022 is a great opportunity to introduce our various immune cell therapy pipelines under development and our strengths to potential investors and partners", and then added, "We hope to expand investment and partnering opportunities through this event and see good results."



GICELL's cell therapy candidate, T.O.P. NK is a high-purity, highly active NK cell that targets cancer and cultured under optimized conditions. GICELL plans to submit an IND application for Phase 1 clinical trial. Our competitors produce NK cells by co-culturing cancer cell-derived feeder cells or genetically modifying them to enhance their performance. In contrast, GICELL applied the proprietary ‘Immune Cell Pure Expander Platform’ using ancillary proteins without cancer cell-derived feeder cells or genetic modification to grow NK cells with augmented performance without safety concerns. The company has proven world-class culturing technologies by successfully scaling up its technology for the 50L culture process. While the indications for current cell therapies are mainly applicable for hematologic cancers, the efficacy of T.O.P. NK is expected to expand its potential to treat solid cancers. 

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