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GI Innovation·GI Cell·Yonsei University Health System, Signed MoU to establish a cell therapy center for advanced biopharmaceutical
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GI Innovation·GI Cell·Yonsei University Health System, Signed MoU to establish a cell therapy center for advanced biopharmaceutical 



(x-from left)Jun-Ho Hong CEO of GI Innovation, Dong-Sup Yoon President & CEO of Yonsei University Health System, Chun-Pyo Hong CEO of GI Cell

-GI Innovation·GI Cell, respectively establishing a cell therapy center at Severance Hospital·Songdo Severance Hospital(tentative named)


-Establishment of the seamless process for research, production, clinical trials, Regulatory affair (RA), and etc. of advanced biopharmaceutical 


GI Innovation, a new innovative drug development company, announced on March 3rd that it has signed MoU with its allied company, GI Cell and Yonsei University health System (YUHS) for establishment of cell therapy center for advanced biopharmaceutical.


The MoU ceremony was held on 2nd in YUHS and Myong-Ho Jang Chairman, Jun-Ho Hong CEO of GI Innovation and Chun-Pyo Hong CEO, Sung-Yoo Cho CSO of GI Cell and Dong-Sup Yoon President & CEO of Yonsei University Health System, Dae-Hyun Lew Dean of Yonsei University College of Medicine, Jong-Won Ha General Director of Severance Hospital etc. have attended.


Through the MoU, GI Innovation and GI Cell will increase production capability of advanced biopharmaceutical with YUHS through establishing GMP facilities, etc. in Severance Hospital and Songdo Severance Hospital(tentative named).

In addition, they will progress joint research, research facilities and equipment, academic conferences, seminars, and etc. that are essential towards advanced biopharmaceuticals such as cell therapy, protein new drugs, antibody drugs, and etc.


Accordingly, it will be possible to establish seamless process such as research, production, clinical trials, and RA of innovative cell therapy through the collaboration with GI Innovation’s knowhow on a new innovative drug, GI Cell’s differentiated immune cell culture- technology and YUHS which has high clinical trials, treatment and research capabilities.



Myung-Ho Jang, Chairman of GI Innovation, said, We were secured a base camp to provide hope for terminal cancer patients who do not have any treatment options through establishing a GMP facility in Severance Hospital, x-where clinical doctors x-from all over the world are stationed. We will do our best to maximize innovative efforts and efficiency through close cooperation.


Chun-Pyo Hong, CEO of GI Cell, said, Through the establishment of cell· gene therapy integrated production center, YUHS and GI Group, we are prepared to accelerate clinical trials and research. We will continue to make active efforts to create platform which can grow sustainably through a joint cooperation system.” 


Dong-Sup Yoon President & CEO of Yonsei University Health System, said, “This MoU is a springboard to overcome an incurable disease. We will make opportunities to each organizer as well as the entire domestic bio industries through implementing of industry-academic collaboration model, medicine development and production, clinical application that organically connects.”


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